Sirius PaintballTM


The revolutionarySirius PaintballTM (pat. pending #26211) is:

– One year warranty on hose from date of manufacture upon inspection
– Field tested
Sirius PaintballTM fully dressed with Sirius Paintball, asa plug, asa bottle adapter weighs 1/2lb(250Grams)
– Well exceeds (Double) the working pressure of any regular remote hose sold today
– It holds only 1 and 1/2 shot of air
– Near 0 recoil.
– Doesn’t sag (like others)
– Doesn’t Snag up (like others)

– doesn’t knot up (like others)
– Bend restrictors at each hose fitting ends
– Pump 35BPS no problem
– Doesn’t kink ( even when we stress stretched it to 6ft )
– Good with air and CO2
– Hand madeThe revolutionary Sirius Paintball (pat. pending #26211)  is:

– Field tested
– Connects and disconnects under system pressure with ease
– No NEED to purge or drain air from any source to connect and disconnect from marker
– Very light weight
– Long lasting playtime between servicings (low maintenance)
– No more blown Orings when the timing is crucial
– Easily field repaired (even when in battle)
– No need to change orings like today’s slide check
– Feed theSirius Paintball a simple drop of oil every now and then
– Regular run of the mill orings
– 2 spare orings comes with every Sirius Paintball for first time repair
– Pump 35BPS no problem
– A small screw driver is all that’s needed to repair

– Flat Black anodized colour
– Military style aggressive knurl grip
– Good with air and CO2
– Hand made