The Survivorman and Sirius Paintball


Cale Heustin Les Stroud is the star and filming crew of the show Survivorman, and a SiriusPaintball remote line is a top of the line remote coil for paintball.


Cale Heustin I picked one up, and I must say, at one point I totally forgot I even had it on, bloody thing is so light! Best money I have ever spent on a remote line!

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Review from WALLEYE

First off let me say that this IS THE BEST remote that I have every used. I have owned many other remote lines and all have let me down. Blown o-rings, snagged remote lines, blown out remote coils and the list of problems could go on. NOT with a SiriusPaintball! It is super light weight, has a very narrow diameter and compact profile. It hugs tight to my body and there is no need of a remote line cover, a big plus in my mind. I love the ease of turning it “on” or “off” it makes getting off the field a breeze. This is a super product and will keep one in my gear bag from here on out. Thanks SiriusPaintball!

SiriusPaintball at Flag Raiders



SiriusPaintball has once again traveled, but this time to Flag Raiders Rogue Elf3 in Kitchener Ontario, slinged paint with the Glen Morris Mercenaries. Kaz from Visual Reviews has made his way there as well and took time from
playing paintball to interview me. Please check his review with the link provided.


Day of the Dead 9

SiriusPaintball has traveled to “The Day of the Dead 9″ at FlagSwipe Paintball in London, Ontario, Canada on the weekend of Oct/03/2010. I did not play this game, I was a vendor there. I met some more fine people and hosted by a classy bunch of guys, Shawn, Keith, Eric and entire staff and ” The Glenn Morris Mercenaries”. Great job guys! And I was interviewed by “The Wolf’s Den” Wolf himself. Great interview check it out.

Review from Bobby Weeks



A review of SiriusPaintball remote done by Bobby Weeks at FirstcallPaintball in Virginia, USA.
Please click on the link to view the video

Review by Ethan

SiriusPaintball has been reviewed by Ethan owner of sept 20/10 and has also been
posted on youtube. Thank you Ethan for the great review! Please check it out, very cool.

A letter of praise from Grinder and SignPimp ( Cobra Woodsball Team) after playing with the SiriusPaintball remote

Dear Fern,
After using the SiriusPaintball for the last 6 months, I am pleased to say that your product is in a class by itself. I’ve been playing paintball and woodsball for more than 10 years and your SiriusPaintball is the best remote I have ever used. It is lighter than most, very easy to operate, and the tight coil keeps it snug against my body. I’m a big guy and I have enough to worry about all my gear snagging on branches. After extensive play (6 big scenarios) I can say that the SiriusPaintball never once snagged on anything. This is huge to me. I used the SiriusPaintball on everything from my backup Spyder E-grip, to my Invert Mini, to my Alpha Black, to my X7 Phenom, and finally to my “heavy gunner” 25bps Tippmann X7 egrip. I played in two Ultimate Woodsball League Tournaments and never once had down time because of my SiriusPaintball. I can’t wait to see your next product hit the market!! The SiriusPaintball is a game changer!
SignPimp – Cobra Woodsball
P.S. – I really like the name!!

I was able to do further testing this weekend. So far, no blown o-rings or problems with the line snagging. The last thing I want to happen with a remote line is for the o-ring to blow or for the line to tear. I hate it when that happens. Having a reliable remote is important and will definitely impact our game in a positive way. In addition, I experienced no snagging at the BHD game with SiriusPaintball. The line fit very snug against my vest and didn’t get caught up in the brush and mesquite trees at Tactical Paintball. The SiriusPaintball will definitely impact our game in a positive way, especially as we start playing more UWL games. Each game is 30 minutes of hardcore play. Any equipment failure during that time will hinder the game, and you don’t want any weak links in your equipment.


SiriusPaintball on PBlive

Sirius Paintball ( Fern Kirouac ) wants to thank everyone at for having me as their guess interview on Aug. 18/10 along with Brian “Moati” Russell. Please check it out, very cool.

Watch live streaming video from paintball_live at

SiriusPaintball at Tactical Paintball


SiriusPaintball spent the day at opening day “Black Hawk Down” in Texas on Jan/30/10 please check the review by “Grinder” from and also was interviewed by “DreWolf” in Texas. Here are the links. Enjoy!


SiriusPaintball on the CatShack

SiriusPaintball was featured by at the “Day of the Dead” flagswipepaintball on Oct 5th/09
so here’s the link to the page and please feel to check it out and enjoy.